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Yesido GS10 Premium Quality Lightning OTG | Iphone OTG To USB 3.0 Speed OTG/USB | Iphone Plug and Use OTG

Yesido GS10 Premium Quality Lightning OTG | Iphone OTG To USB 3.0 Speed OTG/USB | Iphone Plug and Use OTG

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Yesido GS10 Premium Quality Iphone OTG/USB With Super Fast Speed Of 3.0

Yesido GS10 is a top quality iphone OTG that can connect your iphone to a USB device. With this product, you can easily use your iphone to transfer files to a USB drive, or to charge another electronic device. The Yesido GS10 comes with a lightning connector and a USB 3.0 port, so you can enjoy high speed transfers between your devices. This product is also reversible, so you can plug it in any way you want.

OTG (on the go) is a must-have for any iphone user that wants to use Pendrives, Mouse, Keyboard or even External Hard drive. With Yesido GS10 OTG, you can quickly and easily connect your iphone to any USB device. The iphone plug and use OTG design lets you use your iphone like a computer, without having to carry around a bunch of extra cords and adapters. Plus, the quality lightning connector ensures a stable connection.

Lightning OTG’s are very rare in Market the Iphone Users most demanded OTG that will be used directly like Plug it and Use it 

Brand : Yesido

Model : GS10

Specifications Of Yesido GS10 Lightning OTG

Do you hate having to fumble with cables every time you want to transfer data between your phone and computer? Say goodbye to those days with Yesido GS10 Premium Quality Lightning OTG! This iphone otg lets you easily plug in and use any USB device, without the need for extra apps or drivers. Plus, with lightning fast data transfer speeds of up to 5 Gbps, you can quickly move pictures, videos, documents.

  1. Plug it and Use It no need of any Apps etc
  2. 5 Gbps Speed Of Data Transfer is very Possible with Yesido GS10
  3. Yesido GS10 is very Comfortable with every Ipad/Iphone/Macbook
  4. All data like Pictures/Videos/ Documents are easily be Possible to Transfer it with Yesido GS10 from or to your Iphone/Ipad
  5. iOS13 or lighter version will support  mouse and excel word MP3 MP4 etc
  6. Super Fast Data Transfer is now very Possible with the speed of 3.0 with the help of yesido gs10
  7. Yesido GS10 is a perfect gift to all Iphone Users and your loved one
  8. Very Easy to carry it any where

Famous Problems With Lightning OTG

We all know the annoyance of not being able to use our phone while it’s charging. With Yesido GS10 Premium Quality lightning OTG, you can easily connect your phone to other devices while it’s charging. This useful little adapter converts your lightning port into a USB 3.0 port, allowing you to plug in any USB device, including a keyboard, mouse, or thumb drive. Not only does this adapter make your life easier, but it also saves you time and money by allowing you to use the device.

There are some Famous Problems With Lightning otg’s listed below

  • USB drive not working in iOS
  • Some OTG not working
  • Iphone Doesnt recognize OTG
  • OTG cable not working
  • OTG Cable Issues
  • and many more

But Don’t Worry Sub Melega is Here to Help you with Lightning  OTG’s Problem and the solution is one and only one Yesido GS10 Lightning OTG/USB 3.0 Super Fast Data Transmission 

Why you must Buy YESIDO GS10

Do you have an iPhone and a USB drive? Now you can use them together! The Yesido GS10 Premium Quality Lightning OTG lets you use your iPhone as if it were a computer, letting you plug in USB drives, keyboards, mice, and more. This little gadget is perfect for business people on the go, students, or anyone who wants to make their iPhone work a little bit harder. With the Yesido GS10 Premium Quality Lightning OTG, you’ll never have to fumble with cords again.

  • plug it use it
  • easy to carry
  • support any iOS device
  • Good Product in less price
  • Long Lasting
  • You can Gift it to your Loves one
Yesido GS10 Premium Quality Lightning OTG | Iphone OTG To USB 3.

Are you looking for a lightning OTG that is both fast and efficient? Look no further than the Yesido GS10! This OTG is designed for the modern iPhone user and offers lightning speed USB 3.0 data transfers. With the Yesido GS10, you can easily plug in and use your favorite USB devices with your iPhone. Order yours now and experience the best in lightning OTG technology!

The Yesido GS10 is a premium Quality lightning OTG that allows you to plug in and use your iphone with USB devices such as a mouse, keyboard or thumb drive. The Yesido GS10 also supports data transfer speeds up to 5 Gbps, making moving files between devices incredibly fast and easy. Additionally, the Yesido GS10 is very comfortable to use with all iPads and iPhones, and is perfect for business professionals.

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