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Joyroom Stylus Pen K12 Automatic Dual Mode Pen

Joyroom Stylus Pen K12 Automatic Dual Mode Pen

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What Are Stylus Capacitive Pen

Nowadays, there are different types of pen which can be used to write on electronic devices such as capacitive screens. Out of these pens, stylus pens are the most popular and have a number of benefits that other types of pens do not have.

Stylus capacitive pens are becoming an increasingly popular tool for interacting with touch screen devices. They can be used to take notes, draw or sketch, and even control certain functions of the device. Unlike a finger, a stylus capacitive pen allows for more precision when interacting with the screen; this is especially important in applications where small details matter, such as when taking handwritten notes or drawing. Stylus capacitive pens can be made from various materials and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Why To Choose Joyroom Capacitive Pen

There are a lot of different stylus pens on the market. It can be hard to decide which one to buy. Joyroom has some great pens that are worth checking out. Here are three reasons why you should choose a Joyroom stylus capacitive pen:

  1. They have a precise point that makes drawing and writing easy.
  2. The pen has a comfortable grip, perfect for those who write for long periods of time.

The Joyroom Stylus Pen  Automatic Dual Mode Capacitive Pen is a great tool to have in your office or home. This pen has a capacitive stylus on one end and a ballpoint pen on the other, making it perfect for taking notes, drawing, or writing. The best part is that it automatically switches between the two modes, so you don’t have to worry about which end you’re using.

The Joyroom Stylus Pen is a great way to take notes during class or meetings. With its capacitive tip, you can write on any touchscreen surface without having to worry about fingerprints or smudges. Additionally, the pen also has an automatic dual mode that switches between a ballpoint pen and a stylus depending on which end you use.

K12 Digital Active Stylus Pen for iOS&Android Touch Screens Devices

The K12 Active Stylus Pen is perfect for students and teachers who want to write and draw on their touchscreen devices. The pen is designed to work with all iOS and Android touchscreen devices, and it’s perfect for taking notes, drawing diagrams, or just doodling in class.

The K12 Active Stylus Pen has a durable aluminum body that makes it lightweight and easy to carry around. The pen also has a built-in clip that can be attached to a pocket or a book bag. The stylus pen has a fine point tip that provides a natural writing experience on touch screens.

Joyroom K12 Active Stylus Pen is designed for use with all touch screen devices including iPads, Kindles, tablets and smartphones. The pen offers a number of features and benefits that make it the perfect choice for educators and students of all ages.

Some of the features that make the K12 Active Stylus Pen so unique include its:

  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Precision point for accurate navigation on touch screens
  • Low power consumption for extended use
  • Rechargeable battery via USB

Features Of Joyroom K12 Stylus Pen

Model: JR-K12
Product material: aluminum alloy
Product diameter: 9mm
The Pen tip diameter: 2.0 mm
Battery capacity: 110 mA
Applicable models: capacitive screen equipment
Charging time: 90 minutes
Working time: 12 hours
Voltage and current: 5 v / 0.2 A
Charging interface: Type-C
Intelligent power-saving: 30 minutes of static shutdown

Universal and Dedicated 2 Modes Of K12

The digital stylus pen is a new product that has two using modes. The first mode is the dedicated mode, which is applicable to iPad Pro 11‑inch/iPad Pro 12.9‑inch/iPad Air3/iPad Air4/iPad mini5/iPad 2018/iPad 2019/iPad 2020 with the anti-inadvertent touch function. In this mode, you can use the pen to write or draw on the screen of the iPad.

Precise and Smooth Pen

This pen tip is designed to act as a finger. By attaching the pen tip to your index finger, you can write and draw with more precision. The 1.5mm pen tip has a higher sensitivity than a regular stylus pen, so you don’t have to worry about any lag or offset. Additionally, because the pen tip is so thin, you won’t have to worry about it breaking easily.

This pen tip is made of a conductive metal and plastic mixture. When you touch the pen tip to the screen, it completes an electrical circuit and sends a signal to the device. The metal in the pen tip conducts electricity better than your finger, so it sends a more accurate signal to the device. This means that you can execute finer instructions without any offset or lag.

Palm Rejection Design

Stylus pens are becoming more and more popular, as they provide a much more natural writing experience on touchscreens than fingers do. Palm rejection technology is also becoming more and more common in stylus pens, as it allows you to rest your palm on the screen while you write without disrupting the cursor or the selection. This gives you much more accuracy and control over what you’re writing.

This pen is amazing and a must-have for anyone with an iPad! The stylus pen has palm rejection technology which provides a natural writing feeling and quick, effortless interaction with your screen. This gives you more accuracy and control against the screen. We commend you to use this pen on the iPad with a glass screen protector for optimal use.

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